Although art has been around for as long as humanity has, one of its defining qualities is that it has inevitably addressed the essence of its time. As more materials become available artists have often been some of the first to grapple with the obscure and liminal, twisting it into the inevitable stream of life.

The digital format allows for another way of envisioning, sculpting and presenting an artwork. With these novel tools come new parameters and as the setting for receiving the work changes significantly our attunement is also destined to undergo a powerful perceptual shift.

The magic happens in the space between the art and the viewer. All else is destined to change. Let us explore the new horizons of possibility that our time offers us and embrace the tools that are at our disposal today.

Artigit'l online residency is aimed at a wide spectrum of artists as well as those individuals working within the innovative digital realm. Today the art and digital worlds are inherently intertwined and are rapidly expanding through a variety of formats that encompass a diverse range of technologies and innovations.

The ubiquitous use of personal cameras and the daily generation of video content has led to a gigantic shift within the digital visual landscape. There is still a significant gap to be bridged between the vision of the artist and the vast possibilities of the digital realm. We wish to enable these visions to boldly cross boundaries and inspire to create new works through our online program.

Artigit'l online residency fascilitates the cross-pollination of ideas between individuals of diverse backgrounds and assists the inception of new artworks through the use of a wide variety of cutting edge tools and mediums including AI, AR/VR, 3D printing and others.

  • The place to launch your own art-group within an exciting industry.
  • The space for collaborative and creative work.
  • An opportunity to meet engaged participants and experts.
  • It's an experiment! The outcome could transform your future life.
  • a regular accelerator - there are too many of them, right?
  • an educational program - we are not just about the lectures!
  • a passive attendance program, here your active participation is a vital ingredient.
6 Nov 2020 - 29 Jan 2021
Eight engaging weeks with a four week mid program break.
WEEK 1-2

  • Current art market overview
  • New media art
  • AR/VR in art
  • AI in art
  • Online vs offline
  • Art groups
  • Principal art institutions
WEEK 3-4

  • New technologies and tools
  • Protopersons
  • Audience developement
  • Market research
  • Idea generation
  • Laboratory of ideas
WEEK 5-6

  • Expert sessions & idea testing
  • UX and UI Products
  • Prototypes without code
  • Business models in art
  • Budgeting
WEEK 7-8

  • Formation of teams
  • Marketing
  • Pitch preparation
  • Collaborative testing
  • Showcase & exhibition
Four week break between: 14 Dec 2020 - 10 Jan 2021
Showcase & exhibition: 29 - 30 Jan 2020
You can be anywhere
in the world
Have a desire to launch
an art-group
Possess a solid knowledge
of English
The number of places on the program is limited.
Sylvain Lévy
Co-founder of multi-media and museum-type DSL Collection and 1st virtual private museum DSL, member of the educational board of the Pingshan Fine art museum of Shenzhen, visiting professor at the University of Shanghai (France)
Iain Boal
Social historian of technics and the commons, based as an independent scholar in Berkeley, California and London. Сo-founder of the Retort collective, an association of radical writers and artists (USA)
Mark Shovman
Data visualisation
and VR expert, Lecturer - Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
Yannick Tranchier
Serial entrepreneur, founder of Winno, MEF and O'bvious (France/Russia)
Heath Bunting
Heath Bunting is an artist who has exhibited, performed and taught internationally for over 25 years (UK)
Luis Guzmán
Multimedia artist working on border of Art and Science
Igor Slepov
Independent artist
Franck Vinchon
Founder Neon42, ex- Managing Director Publicis Worldwide
Timofey Golovin
Partner Winno Moscow, CEO NUMA Invest
Dmitry Soshnikov
Evangelist at Microsoft, expert in AI, associate professor at HSE
Anastasia Makeenok
Independent startup expert, ex-Microsoft startup expert (Russia)
Irina Volodina
Lecturer in IBS-Moscow RANEPA, IR and BD expert, founder of ArtTech project, collector
Ani Kocharyan
Со-founder Art Sparks (, startup mentor, expert in strategic innovation
Olga Remneva
Co-founder Art Sparks (, curator, art&science expert
Julia Osadchaya
Art lawyer, art historian, founder of ARTA consulting company and ARTIKA art club, lecturer. (Russia)
Christos Lynteris
Anthropologist and lecturer at University of St. Andrews (UK)
Marina Alvitr
Owner of the Alvitr Art gallery, curator (Russia)
Сan you briefly describe how the program will go ?
Sure! Within the first two weeks you will receive relevant and up-to-date information about art, technology and the recent developments within any new trends. Next, we will explore design thinking and idea generation tools and together with your new team you will be required to put them into practice. In the fourth week, you and your team with the help of specialists will begin working out the seedlings of your creative ideas. Master classes will be combined together with expert sessions. Some of our experts will give feedback on your projects. It is fine for your ideas to evolve and change. At the end of the program you will receive coaching to help you with your pitch. The outcome of the work will be presented in the two showcase days at the end of the program.
How much does the residency cost?
The online residency program is completely free. The focus is on exploration of ideas, experimentation and the development of talent. The ratio is roughly ten applicants to a place and we would therefore ask you to answer the questions in as much detail as possible and provide any past examples of work that you think are relevant to your application.
If I am an artist, do I need a preconceived idea of an art project in order to be selected for the program? If I am a programmer, do I need a specialist knowledge of art or graphics to be selected for the program?
You do not need to come with a ready idea. The ideation process within the program will help you explore the options. You and your chosen team will collaboratively decide on the direction to pursue. If you are a programmer, no prior knowledge of graphics or specialist art skills are necessary.
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