ArtTech residency online

Start on 6th of November 2020

Almost impossible to understand of when Art Tech was born. In the 15th century Yang Van Eyck experimented with oil-based pigments , which opened a new era in the art world. Then in the 19th century, photography was born, which completely changed the way artists and people look at the world. Not so long ago, Andy Warhol borrowed a technology used in graphic design, called screenprinting.

But it is really in the past 20 years, with the mass adoption of the world wide web and later with smartphones, that we have seen a rapid technological advancement in the art world and art tech was really born as an industry. In the last 5 years, we have also seen the rise of AI, VR, AR, that once again are innovating the art world in extreme ways.

According to the third Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report, the online art market reached an estimated new high of $6 billion in 2018. And again, it is growing !

About us
The ArtTech residency is aimed at a wide spectrum of artists as well as those individuals working within the innovative digital realm. Today the art and digital worlds are inherently intertwined and are rapidly expanding through a wide range of formats encompassing diverse range of technologies and innovations.

Within our program we are excited to enable the cross-pollination of ideas breeding and developing new artworks through utilisation of a wide variety of cutting edge tools and mediums including AI, AR/VR, 3D printing as well as others.

The ubiquitous use of personal cameras and a daily generation of video content has led to a significant shift within the visual digital landscape. There is still a significant gap to be bridged between the vision of the artist and the digital realm. We wish to enable these visions to cross boundaries and create new works through our online program.

It's an experiment! The outcome could be a revelation and is likely to transform your life.
An opportunity to meet engaged participants and experts.
It is not a regular accelerator (too many of them, right?).
It is not an educational program - we are not just about lectures!
Is not a passive attendance program. Here your active participation is a vital ingredient.
The place to launch your own art-group within a promising and exciting industry.
The space for collaborative and creative work.
Week 1-2
• Art industry in general
• Modern art and tech art
• AR/VR in art
• AI in art
• Online vs offline in art
• Art production
• Art groups
• Art market institutions
Week 3-4
• ArtTech startups in the world
• Protopersons
• Audience developement
• Market research
• ArtTech startups in the world
• Idea generation tools
• Laboratory of ideas

Week 5-6
• Expert sessions & testing of ideas
• UX and UI Products of art products
• Prototypes without code
• Business models in art
• Budgeting
• Product packaging

Week 7-8
• Help in forming teams
• Marketing
• Preparing for the pitch
• Collaborative testing
• Final exhibition
Montly break: 14 December 2020 - 10 January 2021
Demo day and Exhibition: 29 or 30 January 2020
8 full weeks with a monthly break in between: 6 November 2020 - 29 january 2021
You can be from anywhere in the world
A desire to launch an art-group
An aspiration to expand
the ArtTech industry
Requirements for participants
The number of participants is limited
Knowledge of English

The whole program will be online
The tools that we will use
The main tool for assembling art projects and sandboxes. There will be links to all other tools at once.
Group chats, shared chats, chats with experts and lecturers. There's communication that won't get lost
All our lectures, master classes, formal and informal meetings will be here.
Google docs
And here will be created the main artifacts of future art projects.
Meet some of our lecturers
Mark Shovman
Data visual and VR expert, Lecturer - Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (Israel)
Yannick Tranchier
Serial entrepreneur, founder of Winno, MEF and O'bvious (France/Russia)
Igor Slepov
Independent Artist and film-director (UK)
Irina Volodina
Lecturer in IBS-Moscow RANEPA, IR and BD expert, founder of ArtTech project, collector (Russia)
Luis Guzmann
Multimedia artist working on boarder of Art and Science
Franck Vinchon
Founder Neon42, ex- Managing Director Publicis Worldwide
Dmitry Soshnikov
Evangelist at Microsoft, expert in AI (Russia)
Anastasia Makeenok
Independent startup expert, ex-Microsoft startup expert (Russia)

Сan you briefly describe how the program will go ?
Sure! Within the first two weeks you will receive relevant and up-to-date information about art, technology and the intertwining of the new trends. Next, we will explore with you the design thinking and idea generation tools and you will be required to put them into practice. In the fourth week, you will already be grouped with artists and specialists and begin working out the seedlings of your creative ideas. Master classes will be combined with expert sessions. The experts will give feedback to your projects. It is absolutely fine if your ideas evolve and change. At the end of the program we will coach you for your pitch and you will present your outcomes on the final day.
How much does it cost?
The program is completely free - it is focused on exploration of ideas and development of talent. The ratio is ten applicants per place and we would therefore ask you to answer the questions in as much detail as possible.
If I am an artist, do I need a preconceived idea of an art project in order to be selected for the program? If I am a programmer, do I need a specialist knowledge of art or graphics to be selected for the program?
No, you don't need both at the start. You can come with a desire to make an art project and we'll help you immerse yourself in anything related to art. We can help you assemble a team, find an idea, check it with experts and pack it into a business project.
Well, we'll come up with a project, then what?
Then we'll tell you where to go with the ideas. For example, you can apply to us for an accelerator (we make investments and help to enter the French market), or you can apply to other accelerators. In any case - the art market is constantly growing, with a good startup you can go to different programs around the world.
Why would you do that?
We invest in the development of the tech and startup community, because the funnel of startups into our fund and accelerator depends on it. In addition, we like the theme and are happy to be the first viewers or users of what you creates.
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Who are you? What is your experience?
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